Average Male Penis Size - Do You Measure Up?
measure penis size

You will want your first length measurement to be when you are completely soft. This is mainly because the first type of gain you will notice with any enlargement program will be in your flaccid length. It is important to remember that your flaccid length can chance in different situations such as cold weather or nervous situations. Measure your flaccid length by standing up and hold your penis with an open hand, parallel with the floor (be careful not stretch it). Hold the ruler to your pelvic bone beside your penis. Remember to subtract the blank space from the total amount.

Your first girth measurement should also be completed when you are completely soft. Your penis will be different depending on the place you decide to measure. Typically, they best measurement area is in the middle of your shaft. Use a soft tape measure, and wrap it around the area. The tap measure should not indent into your penis at all, but should fit snug. Similar to a hard ruler, a soft tape measure may have an area of blank space, so be sure to add this back to your total measurement.

Finally, you will want to measure both your length and girth when you are completely erect. As when measuring flaccid, you will want to stand up, and hold your penis with an open hand, parallel to the floor. Try not to over exaggerate, as it defeats the purpose of finding out exactly how large you are.

When measuring length, use the same method as when you measured flaccid. Place the ruler next to your penis and measure to the nearest millimeter.

Measuring your girth when you are erect should be done similar to when you are flaccid. Remember to add the blank area to your total measurements.

This is something that every man attempts at some point of his life. Men check down there to compare how well they fare against the average penis. It is a common consensus that the average member is 6 inches in length and about 5 inches in girth or thickness. Whatever may be the reason to measure your penis, you have to know how to do it right to get an accurate reading.

For starters, it is always better to use a cloth or roll up tape measure as opposed to a ruler. A penis is rarely straight and a ruler is not a great tool to ascertain the length of a curved shaft. It is also impossible to measure girth with a ruler for obvious reasons.

For length

  • Massage yourself into an erection. Use proper lubrication to massage the penis as it is most stimulated when properly lubricated.

  • Take the tape measure and very gently press against the pubic bone. If you are causing your skin to press in, you are trying to cheat.

  • Now use your free hand to firmly anchor the tape measure at the bottom of the penis and then stretch out the tape along the length of your shaft.

  • Run it to just after the top of your penis head and pinch the spot where it ends to get an accurate reading.

For girth